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About Publishers

First time authors often wonder how to get a manuscript published. Researching about publishers can be a very complicated process.

Although there are thousands of publishers in the nation, many publishers tend to focus on a specific genre. Finding the right publisher can be very helpful. Furthermore, every publishing house has a different process of submission. While some publishers may ask submission with a query letter with a detailed proposal outlining the book's chapters, marketing strategy and core group of potential consumers, other publishers may expect first, middle and final chapters or other information. Finding the perfect publisher is complicated but well worth the effort.

Lastly, once a manuscript is submitted to a publisher can takes months before the author receives a response. At Ithaca Press we try to review queries as quickly as possible and once it is decided if there is an interest in the manuscript the author is contacted as quickly as possible.

Publish Your Book with Ithaca Press
At Ithaca Press, publishing we try to make publishing an enjoyable experience. Not only does Ithaca Press publish many types of books, the staff is a team of talented editors, designers and marketing professionals working hard to turn your manuscript into a high quality, marketable book. At Ithaca press we are dedicated to the publishing success of the manuscript accepted. For more information or to request a quote, click here.

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