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The Power of Publishing Your Book

Publishing a book can give the book’s author notoriety and authority in the chosen topic of discussion. For scholars and academics who publish a book in a specific field of study, the published book can be a way to disseminate new information or theories. Authors who publish a book on any topic, from children’s books to current events to cookbooks, become recognized in that field and may be asked to write other books or lecture to an audience about a particular topic. Publishing a book shows that the author finds the topic important enough to try and share the information with a wider audience. Publishing a book can be a difficult endeavor as it requires time, research, and diligence to compile and coordinate information into a book. Authors who publish books can become the subject of other books and can become recognized for making a significant contribution to a particular field of study or can be treated as important innovators in literary style. Publishing a book can result in great rewards for the author as the author gains recognition or opens up a new avenue of thought on a particular subject. For many people, publishing a book is the culmination and final reward of many years of hard work.

Publish a Book with Ithaca Press
Ithaca Press enjoys helping authors realize the dream of publishing a book. Publishing a book with Ithaca Press means the book will be handled with years of industry experience so the final product will look professional. The marketing team of Ithaca Press will help the book reach an audience by registering the book with Books In Print and on Amazon.com in addition to creating a customized website for the book. Visit www.IthacaPress.com to request a quote today.

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