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Book Covers at Ithaca Press

You can't judge a book by its cover, but oftentimes we withhold judgment by ignoring books with drab covers. A sharp, eye-catching cover won't make a book great, but it will help expose it to readers. Good book covers make the reader curious enough about the book to pick it up and examine it more closely. Original art or brightly colored, vivid photographs are often used as cover images, but, conversely, sometimes a more subdued design is more effective. If you're an aspiring author looking to publish a book, you should consider Ithaca Press. We work with some of the most talented designers in the publishing industry to make your book look as good as it possibly can. We will have them design you an elegant cover that will captivate potential readers.

Publish a Book at Ithaca Press
Ithaca Press is a high-quality book publisher. We thoroughly understand the publishing business, and know what it takes to make a book successful. We can work with you to publish and market your book so that it reaches as many potential readers as possible. Our designers are first-rate and make great covers for books. We also work with exceptional proofreaders that will make sure that your manuscript is close to error-free. After we've published the book, we'll help you with marketing. We will register your book with Amazon.com and Books in Print, as well as build you one of our exclusive Author Customized Websites. This will help you advertise and sell your book online. Take the first step toward publishing a book at Ithaca Press, and request a book analysis and quote today!

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