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Copyediting at Ithaca Press

There are many pitfalls on the road to producing a book, and a meticulous publisher must account for all of them. The one problem that often causes the most difficulty is copyediting. If a book contains frequent grammar mistakes or malapropisms, readers grow frustrated and may stop reading. Interesting concepts and amazing dialogues are worth nothing if no one ever notices them because they are so distracted by the abysmal word usage and grammar. Everyone makes the occasional mistake, so it is vitally important that your book be read and checked ahead of time by professionals so that these types of problems can be eliminated.

How Ithaca Press Does Copyediting
At Ithaca Press, we truly recognize the importance of proficient copyediting. We work with some of the best people in the business to ensure that mistakes are kept close to an absolute minimum. Publishing with Ithaca Press will ensure that your book does not contain an egregious amount of grammatical, spelling, or structural flaws. Although no company can promise that they will catch every single mistake in a book with tens of thousands of words, by working with highly-skilled professionals we can make sure that your book is checked by some of the best people in the market.

Publishing With Ithaca Press
Publishing with Ithaca Press means that your work will be edited and corrected by trained copyeditors, and that the finished product will be a high-quality book. Our years of experience in the industry have taught us the importance of this stage, and we place a high value on it as part of the process of producing a great book. Take the first step, and request a quote today!

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