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Fiction Book Publishers

Writing a fiction book is a labor of love, creativity, and story-telling ability.  Fiction books require an interesting plot, creative characters, and engaging language.  Writing a fiction book is only the first step to getting the book published, however.  Finding a fiction book publisher is the next step to seeing the dream of publishing become a reality.  Many different kinds of fiction book publishers are available today.  Some publishing companies focus solely on one specific type of book.  Large, commercial publishing companies may not be looking for the specific type of fiction book an author has produced.  Some fiction book publishers only publish science fiction while other publishers publish only mystery or detective fiction.  Finding the right fiction book publisher can be difficult, especially for first time authors.  With the right fiction book publisher, an author can be a part of the publishing process and contribute to cover design, layout, and pricing decisions.  With the right fiction book publisher, an author can realize the dream of publishing a fiction book.

Ithaca Press Publishes a Range of Fiction Books

Fiction book publishers often publish only one type of fiction book at any given time.  Ithaca Press is constantly taking in a wide variety of manuscripts for publication, including fiction books.  Ithaca Press takes the business of publishing very seriously and dedicates time and energy into producing the highest quality finished product.  A team of expert proofreaders, editors, cover designers and printers will ensure that a professional looking book is created for each author.  In addition to registering the book with Books In Print and on Amazon.com, Ithaca Press will using creative marketing strategies to market a new fiction book.  Take the first step towards publishing a fiction book and request a Book Analysis today!

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