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How to Publish a Book

So you've taken the last nine months out of your life to write the world's greatest book about magic yo-yos. You have an amazing manuscript saved on your computer, and you're ready to show the world your creation. What do you do?

There are three distinct routes one may take when publishing a book. First, there is the tantalizing prospect of a large traditional publisher swooping in, offering you a million dollar advance, and then pumping enough money into advertising your book that it goes to #1 on all the Best Seller lists. This option, however, is so unlikely that unless you are Bill Clinton, Madonna, or Charlton Heston, you should probably keep reading and ignore the last couple of sentences.

Another tempting option is to self-publish your book. Publishing a book is an extremely involved process, however, and must be done properly in order to be successful. Professional book publishers have years of experience to draw upon, and will be able to concentrate their efforts on publicizing and marketing the book while you are stuck filling out paperwork.

Now that you have seen the fatal flaws with the first two avenues of publication, you're probably close to abandoning the idea entirely. Before you do so, however, you should know about Ithaca Press. We are a professional publisher with years of experience. We take pride in producing some of the highest-quality books on the market, and will treat your book the same as we would treat Tom Hanks'. Take the first step toward publishing a book and request a book analysis and quote today!

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