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Publishing a Biography at Ithaca Press

Some historical figures and the lives they have led are particularly interesting. Whether they accomplished something important, captured the adoration of the public, or just had some really fascinating characteristics, the lives of these individuals can make good books. From generals to movie stars to scientists to school teachers, all types of people have been the subject of biographies. Publishing a biography allows the world to get to know these people.

At Ithaca Press, we appreciate the amount of work that goes into writing a biography, and we will be able to alleviate the stress of managing the details of publishing while allowing you to focus on researching and writing the manuscript. We will ensure that your text is accompanied by a professionally-designed cover. We will handle the printing and binding of your work so that it looks just right. Finally, we will be there to proofread and edit your book so that when it is time to publish your biography everything will look amazing.

Biography is one of the most important categories of history. Obviously if you decide to write one, you want it to be perfect. Publishing a biography with Ithaca Press will guarantee that your book will follow in the path of excellence that we have established. Additionally, by providing meaningful advice, by building you an Author Customized Website, and by registering your book on Amazon.com and Books in Print, Ithaca Press will help you market and promote your book so that it reaches as many people as possible. For more information fill out a request a quote today.

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