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Publishing a Book About a Profession With Ithaca Press

A profession by definition is a job requiring knowledge of a particular area.  Pursuing a particular profession means either gaining experience through schooling or an apprenticeship.  Both ways of acquiring experience require time, diligence, and determination.  Publishing a book about a profession demonstrates expertise on the part of the author.  Every possible form of employment can have increasingly specialized areas that require further training and knowledge.  People already employed are often looking for sources of information to further knowledge or gain greater proficiency in a particular area.  People who are seeking out new professions, especially students, use books about particular professions to explore all the different specificities of that profession or to aid in the decision to pursue that profession.  Publishing a book about a profession allows other people to learn from years of personal experience and study.  A book about a profession can provide a generalized overview of the profession or can go into great detail about one specialized area of a profession.  Whether the book is about the large picture or a specific detail, publishing a book about a profession reflects the authority of the writer.

Publishing a Book About a Profession Using Ithaca Press
Publishing a book about a profession with Ithaca Press means the final product will look professional.  To inspire confidence in the reader of a book about a profession, the editors and proofreaders will make the text as flawless as possible.  Publishing a book about a profession with Ithaca Press will help the book reach readers because the marketing team at Ithaca Press will register the book with Books In Print and on Amazon.com, as well as creating a customized website for the book.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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