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Publish A Book About Drawing With Ithaca Press

The ability to draw or sketch a portrait or landscape is a skill not many people possess. People use drawings as artwork or as a way to communicate an idea. Drawings can show an architect's idea for a new home, the story of a comic book character, and the design for a new automobile. A beautiful set of illustrations can appear in a children's storybook or can help a fashion designer translate design ideas into wearable garments. Rendering an idea into a useful or beautiful drawing is a talent so few people have today. Putting the steps to learning how to draw or refining a talent for drawing is an even rarer ability. Many people are discouraged from drawing because the book that speaks about how to draw in clear language has not been found yet. Publishing a book about drawing is an excellent way to encourage people to let the artist out and put the pencil to paper.

Publishing A Book About Drawing With Ithaca Press
Publishing a book about drawing with Ithaca Press means that the final product will be professional. An experienced group of layout designers, editors, and proofreaders will not only commit the diagrams and illustrations necessary to paper but will also ensure that the instructions on doing so are written as flawlessly as possible. Ithaca Press understands the time and creativity that goes into a book about painting so Ithaca Press works hard to make a drawing book look professional. In order to reach readers who are hoping to refine drawing skills, Ithaca Press will customize a website for the book and register it with Books In Print and on Amazon.com. Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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