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Publish A Book About Etiquette With Ithaca Press

Etiquette is a topic often overlooked today.  Many people consider the rules of etiquette too cumbersome to actually adapt the rules into everyday life.  Often, the word “etiquette” conjures up images of sitting at the dinner table, faced with a variety of foreign eating utensils and complex eating rituals.  However, the rules of etiquette are as important, and far less complex, today as the rules were when Emily Post first published a book about etiquette.  Today, etiquette books are useful guides to help people navigate through a wide variety of social and business situations.  Etiquette is no longer something a teenaged girl learns in a finishing school.  The lessons of etiquette have changed over time and, today, etiquette experts will even come in to a business to educate the employees on the new do’s and don’ts of modern business society.  New etiquette manuals and guides to help a wide spectrum of people learn a better way to present a public face are always welcome.

Publishing An Etiquette Book With Ithaca Press
When Ithaca Press publishes an etiquette book, the book will be done as professionally as the topic demands.  Starting from the beginning of the publishing process, Ithaca Press will proofread and edit a manuscript to ensure that an etiquette book is as flawless as possible.  A cover designer will design appropriate cover art for an etiquette book while a layout artist will place illustrations and diagrams throughout the book to help explain the seemingly difficult etiquette concepts in an easily understandable way.   The marketing team at Ithaca Press will help to market an etiquette book by customizing a website for the book and registering it in Books In Print and Amazon.com.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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