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How To Publish A Book About Japanese Gardens With Ithaca Press

Japanese gardens are revered because of the garden’s elegant simplicity and soothing arrangement.  In traditional Japanese gardens, few flowers and colorful plants are used in favor of a relatively monotone palette of green plants, shrubs, and trees.  Water, such as a stream or pond, is a main component of the majority of Japanese gardens.  Rocks and lanterns are considered essential to a Japanese garden as each represents a larger natural element that is important in Japanese culture.  Other features of a Japanese garden could include an island and a pavilion.  Japanese gardens are found in a variety of places, including Buddhist temples and private homes.  Cultivating a Japanese or Japanese inspired garden is thought to bring tranquility and peacefulness to both the cultivator and the people who view the garden.  While a Japanese garden may be simple in appearance, designing and cultivating the garden takes guidance and skill.  The many elements of design implemented in a Japanese garden are often difficult for the novice gardener to understand.  Publishing a book about Japanese gardens or the history of Japanese gardening would be a wonderful way to impart information about the gardens to new and seasoned gardeners.

Publishing A Japanese Garden Book With Ithaca Press
Ithaca Press pays as much attention to publishing as Japanese gardeners do to gardens.  From proofreading to printing to binding, Ithaca Press will ensure that the book is done to the highest industry standards.  The marketing team at Ithaca Press will register the book with Books In Print and on Amazon.com so the book can easily reach readers.  Ithaca Press’s years of publishing experience means that the book will be published by professionals.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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