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How To Publish A Book About Knitting With Ithaca Press

Lately, there has been resurgence in the practice of making things by hand.  While a person can go to the store and buy a sweater, hand-knitting a sweater is much more satisfying.  A hand-knitted gift is wonderful when presented for any occasion.  The practice of knitting is centuries old and the process has not changed.  New materials, from yarn to needles to reference materials, are constantly being introduced, however.  Knitting is no longer a craft practiced by elderly women either.  Young people, both male and female, are picking up knitting needles and yarn all over the world.  Knitters are always on the lookout for books full of new patterns and techniques as well as knitting books with explanations about historical knitting techniques like lace and Fair Isle knitting.  Knitters hoping to design a piece of knitwear scour bookshelves looking for a knitting book that explains the easiest way to design a garment.

Publish A Knitting Book With Ithaca Press
Ithaca Press loves to help people bring books to readers.  The proofreaders and editors at Ithaca Press will work hard to make the text of a knitting book as flawless as possible.  Expert cover designers and layout artists will help the writer design and illustrate a knitting book that is full of photographs and diagrams to explain the designs in the knitting book.  The marketing team at Ithaca Press will work hard to find the right market for a knitting book, including building a custom website for the book and registering the knitting book with Books In Print and on Amazon.com, so a knitting book can reach the readers looking for it. Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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