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Publish A Book About Needlepoint With Ithaca Press

Needlepoint is an art form that has been practiced for over a century.  The practice of creating a textured fabric using various types of thread on a canvas cloth produces household items that can be displayed as art because of the beauty.  The fabrics created using needlepoint are also very durable which mean needlepoint fabrics can be used as seat cushions and other items that see a lot of wear.  Needlepoint is practiced by all different people, from queens of countries to professional football players, owing in part to the calming, relaxing effect of working needlepoint.  While some needlepointers like to create original designs by doing freeform needlepoint, where the design is not laid out before, or by painting an original design on the canvas before stitching in the threads, other needlepointers prefer to use canvas that is already painted with a design.  Needlepoint patterns are highly prized by a majority of needlepointers because the design is charted for the needlepointer but colors can be chosen by the person working the pattern.  Needlepoint, far from being a dying art, is practiced throughout the world, with needlepointers always searching for books of charted designs and inspiration for new designs.

Using Ithaca Press To Publish A Needlepoint Book
Writing and publishing a needlepoint book requires an eye for detail and a passion for needlepoint.  Ithaca Press has a passion for publishing high-quality books and an eye for the smallest details in publishing.  From proofreading to printing to binding a book on needlepoint, Ithaca Press will ensure that the book is as flawless as possible and meets or exceeds industry standards.  Ithaca Press registers books with Books In Print and on Amazon.com to help books reach readers.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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