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How To Publish A Book About Painting With Ithaca Press

Historically, if a person wanted to become an artist, a long apprenticeship and years of study with an artist were necessary.  Rembrandt, Matisse, and Monèt became known as some of the great masters of art because of long years of study with artist.  Today, the apprenticeship is gone and has been replaced, in some cases, by an art school education.  Other people simply read a book and pick up a paintbrush to begin a personal masterpiece.  However, displaying artistic talent in some way does not guarantee being called a great master.  To help people tap into a personal artistic ability, instructional books discussing composition, the advantages and disadvantages of media, and suitable ways to portray the figure are necessary.

Publish A Painting Book With Ithaca Press
Using Ithaca Press to publish knowledge about painting will help to give the next generation of great masters more confidence in the craft.  Ithaca Press understands the time and devotion a person must have to become a great artist and Ithaca Press feels the same way about publishing.  The quality of books published by Ithaca Press meet or exceeds industry standards to ensure that each book is of the highest quality.  Experts in layout and cover design will give a painting book an attractive cover and fill the pages with illustrations and diagrams to explain the text.  Experienced proofreaders and editors will make the text as flawless as possible.  After the painting book is registered with Books In Print and on Amazon.com, the book will reach the artists looking to refine the knowledge of the craft. Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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