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Publishing a Book of Humor at Ithaca Press

Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time. Books of humor serve an important role by providing us with an entertaining way to relax and enjoy ourselves. If you've got some funny stories to tell, some great jokes to share, or just about anything else that will tickle our funny bones, take the next step and talk to Ithaca Press about publishing your book of humor.

Humor in Society
The field of humor is getting bigger and bigger. There are entire television channels, magazines, and websites devoted to comedy. Celebrities like Robin Williams, Jay Leno, and Dave Barry make a living by being funny. Making people laugh is an extremely valuable skill, and if you possess it the possibilities are endless. Publishing a book of humor at Ithaca Press will guarantee that everything is done right.

Why Publish a Book of Humor at Ithaca Press?
Ithaca Press has blazed a trail of innovation and excellence for over thirty years. We will make sure you have a great-looking cover, a proof-read manuscript, and a well-made book. Additionally, we will help you market and advertise it by doing things like designing you an Author Customized Website and registering your book on Amazon.com and Books in Print. We will assist you with handling book talks, radio appearances, or other media events. With our help, you can turn your book into a winner. To begin the process of publishing your book of humor, fill out our Request A Quote form today.

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