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Publishing a Cookbook at Ithaca Press

How often have you been to a restaurant and had the tastiest meal ever, then been stunned by the enormous bill waiting for you while you digest your dinner. Eating at a restaurant almost always costs significantly more than home made meals. Don't you wish you could save money by cooking such succulent meals at home? Cookbooks are the best way to learn new recipes and how to prepare them. They allow readers to prepare more difficult dishes by leading them along step by step. This can allow even the most chopping-board challenged people to bake, boil, broil, braise but not burn bountiful breakfasts, luscious lunches, and delightful dinners-not to mention divine desserts. If you want to share your tremendous truffles, remarkable rhubarb pie, or wonderful walnut brownies, publishing a cookbook is a great way to do so. By publishing a cookbook, you let others share in your culinary craftsmanship.

Publishing at Ithaca Press
Publishing a cookbook at Ithaca Press will mean that all you need to worry about is the turkey in the oven. We will make sure that your cookbook is proofread, printed and bound to perfection, and features a captivating cover. We will help you market and advertise your cookbook, working with you to prepare for appearances at food festivals, radio shows, or newspaper interviews. We will register your cookbook on Amazon.com and Books in Print. All the steps will be taken to let your cookbook become a success. Take the first step and request a quote. By publishing a cookbook at Ithaca Press, you ensure that your finished product will be as good as the dishes described in it-exquisite.

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