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Publish A Lawn Care Book With Ithaca Press

Properly caring for a lawn is a skill that eludes many people.  With the diversity of problems that can befall a lawn, from pest infestation to drought, many homeowners have a problem getting a lush, green lawn.  People in different regions experience different problems with lawn care and therefore have different questions relating to lawn care.  Lawn care involves much more than just regularly mowing the lawn.  Proper use of fertilizers and sprinkler system use can greatly enhance the appearance of a lawn.  Some homeowners are looking for alternative pest control means which will cause less harm to the environment yet still eliminate pests effectively.  Lawn care tricks are often learned only with time and few books have been published with information on creating a beautiful lawn.  Homeowners everywhere would greatly appreciate more information on creating and maintaining a lush lawn.  With the rise in interest of organic products, a book detailing alternative, organic methods of lawn pest control would be of great interest to many readers.

Publishing A Book About Lawn Care With Ithaca Press
Publishing a new book about lawn care would be a great way to help people learn more about having a beautiful lawn.  Ithaca Press understands the importance of presentation so the cover designers and layout artists will include illustrations and photographs to make a lawn care book look professional.  The expert proofreaders and editors at Ithaca Press will ensure the text of a lawn care book is as flawless as possible before publication.  Publishing a book with Ithaca Press means the lawn care book will be registered with Books In Print and on Amazon.com so the book can reach readers who need the book.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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