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Publishing A Leatherworking Book With Ithaca Press

Leatherwork is perhaps one of the oldest crafts in existence.  Before weaving, knitting, and sewing, everyday garments were made from the skins of animals.  The animal skins required cleaning and some sort of other treatment before the leather was a readily usable garment.  Leatherwork has, over time, advanced from simply scraping animal skins and treating the skins with salt or fat to ornamenting processed leather with stamps, engraving, and complicated dye patterns.  Since leather can be used is such a variety of ways, knowledge of leatherworking is highly valued.  Hunters require knowledge of leatherwork in order to treat and tan the hides of animals.  Many artisans employ leatherwork to create jackets, vests, and handbags.  The ability to do leatherwork is a skill prized by so many people, from hobbyists to professionals, in order to create unique leather garments, footwear, and everyday objects.  To give people information and knowledge about leatherworking is to pass on a tradition that is centuries old. 

Using Ithaca Press To Publish A Book About Leatherworking
Publishing a book about leatherworking can be an easy process if Ithaca Press does the publishing.  An expert team of editors, proofreaders, cover designers, and layout artists will ensure the leatherworking book looks professional, both inside and out.  The marketing team at Ithaca Press will help to find the right market for a new leatherworking book, including building a customized website for the leatherworking book.  The book will be registered with Books In Print and on Amazon.com so readers who desire knowledge of leatherworking will have access to the book.  Ithaca Press uses years of experience in the publishing industry to make sure books published by Ithaca Press meet or exceed industry standards.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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