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Publish a Non-Fiction Book With Ithaca Press

Some of the best books ever written have been nonfiction books without a plot or major characters.  If you are keenly interested in a particular aspect of a particular subject or worldly events and think that you could condense and compact it into written form, publishing a book could be a great idea.  Oftentimes nonfiction books serve to expose the beauty and splendor of everyday life, pointing out the things that people overlook.  Learning about how to publish nonfiction is the first step towards sharing your ideas with the public.

Publishing a Non-Fiction Book Using Ithaca Press
If you’re ready to begin the process of getting your nonfiction book published, Ithaca Press may be the right place for you to go in order to get the ball rolling.  Ithaca Press is a book publisher located in New York.  We publish only the highest-quality manuscripts, but for those that are accepted we skip no steps in making sure that the finished product is as close to perfect as possible.  Using world-class designers, editors, and printers, we ensure that your book contains very few typographical mistakes, is produced to meet or exceed every industry standard, and features an eye-catching cover.  We can make sure that your nonfiction book comes out as close to perfect as it can get.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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