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Publish a Non-Fiction Book With Ithaca Press

Non-fiction books address a wide variety of subject matter and are a central source of learning for many people.  University students use non-fiction books as a means of supporting research theories while non-students read non-fiction books to gain knowledge and a better understanding of topics of interest.  Non-fiction books can be scholarly studies of social, psychological, or literary theory.  Non-fiction books can also speak to a larger audience by discussing true crime, current events, or popular culture.  A non-fiction book contains factual information about a particular subject that can be organized historically or by order of importance.  Non-fiction books about government figures and politics are of particular interest to many people today as well as books that relate the history of a country or discuss a particular time in the history of a country, like a war or widespread plague that has happened.  Writing and publishing a non-fiction book takes a great deal of diligence and research.  Publishing a non-fiction book is both an important way to spread information and a way for an author to gain authority.

Publishing a Non-Fiction Book Using Ithaca Press
Publishing a non-fiction book is serious business and Ithaca Press is serious about the business of publishing.  Every aspect of publishing a non-fiction book can be covered by Ithaca Press, from proofreading to printing to binding.  Publishing a non-fiction book with Ithaca Press means the end result will be a professional looking book with an appropriate cover design and an excellent layout.  Along with publishing a non-fiction book, the marketing team at Ithaca Press will help the book reach readers by registering the book with Amazon.com and with Books In Print.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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