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Publishing A Pilates Book With Ithaca Press

Although Pilates may seem like another exercise fad, Pilates is increasingly being taught and practiced by people all over the world.  The inventor of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, designed the series of exercises to help people increase core strength, flexibility, and circulation.  Pilates’ exercises are beneficial to the whole body and, at the same time, benefit the mind.  Pilates, like yoga, encourages practitioners to engage in mindful movement, where the practitioner listens to the body to achieve a successful workout.  Pilates provides an excellent low-impact workout for all people, especially elderly persons with limited mobility.  Because Pilates exercises help to strengthen bones and keep joints lubricated, the exercises can help the body regain a full range of movement.  While Pilates is becoming available to more people every day, many areas still lack Pilates instructors and classes.  People with no access to, but great interest in, Pilates turn to instructional books as a way to learn Pilates.  Whether a Pilates book is written for children or the elderly, pregnant women or people with limited mobility, such a book will have readers who value the information in the book.

Using Ithaca Press To Publish A Pilates Book
Ithaca Press recognizes the value of practicing Pilates.  Publishing a Pilates book with Ithaca Press would help to bring the book to readers who are searching for a new Pilates book.  The expert team of editors and proofreaders at Ithaca Press will make the text of a Pilates book as flawless as possible.  Cover designers and layout artists will provide the necessary artwork for a Pilates book.  The book will be registered with Books In Print and on Amazon.com so readers can find the book easily.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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