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Publish a Professional Book

After becoming an expert in a particular field, a person may feel that it is important to spread all of the valuable knowledge and experience gained in that field.  Writing a professional book can lend credibility to a person who wishes to demonstrate expertise in a chosen field.  Publishing a professional book is a wonderful way to share the culmination of years of experience in a particular feel with a reading audience.  Publishing a professional book is more than just writing and publishing a book about a profession, however.  If the finished product is a book that is of low quality because of a lack of proofreading or editing and the use of shoddy materials, the likelihood of the professional book reaching a reading audience is slim.  Booksellers maintain high standards so only the highest quality books reach the shelves and, in turn, reach readers.  Publishing a professional book with the right publishing company will yield the results authors are expecting – a high quality product that gives readers new, important knowledge about a particular topic. 

Publishing a Professional Book with Ithaca Press

Because of Ithaca Press’s years of experience in the publishing industry, publishing a professional book with Ithaca Press will ensure a professional looking finished product that adheres to the highest industry standards.  Staffed with the best proofreaders, editors, cover designers, and printers, Ithaca Press is able to ensure a great looking book that can be registered with Books In Print and on Amazon.com.  The marketing staff of Ithaca Press uses innovative marketing tools to help professional books reach the right reading audience.  Publishing a professional book can be easy, especially if the right publisher is chosen.  Take the first step towards publishing a professional book and request a Book Analysis today!

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