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How to Publish a Self-Help Book

Since the rise of psychotherapy and the proven effectiveness of group therapy, where people with similar problems and life issues join together to support other members of the group, people have taken great interest helping other people overcome difficult moments in life.  By sharing experiences of life and triumphs over difficult life situations, writers who publish a self-help book provide guidance to people who may be experiencing isolation or depression because of a particular situation and feel alone in experiencing that situation.  Self-help books are written not only to guide people through difficult life situations but also to give people information on improving a personal standard of living.  Self-help books address everything from triumphing over abuse of all kinds to improving personal financial standing.  Some of the most popular self-help books discuss metaphysical issues like dream analysis and spirituality.  Authors who choose to publish a self-help book often do a great service for other people by providing guidance and inspiration for people who wish to improve life in some way.

Publishing a Self-Help Book With Ithaca Press
While self-help books are popular today, such books are also important because of the help, inspiration, and information that the books provide.  Ithaca Press will publish a self-help book with the respect the book deserves.  Ithaca Press will utilize years of industry experience to publish a self-help book that meets or exceeds industry standards so the self-help book will look professional.  The proofreaders and editors at Ithaca Press will make the text of a self-help book as flawless as possible while the layout artists and cover designers will make the book aesthetically pleasing.  Ithaca Press can ensure professional printing and binding of a self-help book as well.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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