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How To Publish A Sewing Book With Ithaca Press

Sewing is done for a number of reasons.  Some people sew as a hobby.  Other people sew out of necessity and some people sew as a profession.  Innumerable items can be made by sewing together two pieces of fabric and new ideas and designs are constantly being created by sewing enthusiasts.  Historically, both men and women learned how to sew because of the practicality of the craft.  Over time, the craft was alternatively dominated by men, in the sewing guilds of the renaissance age, and women, more notably in the past two hundred years.  Today, fewer people know how to sew yet sewing has experienced no decline.  Methods of sewing have been improved so, today, hand sewing is done more for finishing items than to construct entire garments.  Technological improvements have been made to sewing machines which have helped to increase the range of sewing abilities of even the most novice tailor or seamstress.  Due to an increasing lack of personal sewing instruction, people who wish to learn sewing are turning to instructional manuals as a way to learn the craft.  New and seasoned tailors and seamstresses can always use more new information to gain proficiency in sewing.

Publish A Book About Sewing With Ithaca Press
Every person who sews would be grateful for more information about sewing.  Ithaca Press understands the importance of sharing sewing knowledge and will treat a book about sewing accordingly.  Cover designers and layout artists will make a sewing book look professional while proofreaders and editors will ensure the text is as flawless as possible.  The marketing team at Ithaca Press will help to find the right market for a new sewing book as well as registering the book with Books In Print and on Amazon.com.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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