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How To Publish A Book About Art History At Ithaca Press

Art is everywhere, from in the office to in a museum.  The story of the artist or the period in which the piece was produced enhances the viewing of the art.  So often, the general public does not have, or know where to find, that information.  Since the creation of art has such a long history, learning about a particular style or artist can be an intimidating process for so many. If you have found an easier way to access the history of art, consider sharing knowledge with others by publishing a book about art history.  A book about art history will enable others to explore the past of art and is a gift that should be shared with as many people as possible.  Ithaca Press can help.

Letting Ithaca Press Publish Your Art History Book
Publishing a book about art history at Ithaca Press can bring the book to life with illustrations, professional binding, and a well-designed cover.  Editors and proofreaders will work diligently to ensure that your art history book is as flawless as possible.  Ithaca Press has a history of publishing beautiful and professional books, maintaining high-quality standards.  Art history books can be registered with Books In Print and other locations, such as Amazon.com, in order to reach readers looking for a book about art history.  When publishing a book with Ithaca Press, it is sure to meet industry standards.  Ithaca Press can even take care of marketing the book to the right places.  Working with the team at Ithaca Press to publish an art history book will ensure that it is handled in the most professional way possible.  Visit www.IthacaPress.com today to get started.

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