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Publishing an Educational Book at Ithaca Press

The ability to read is one of the most powerful skills to have in today's society. The most important aspect of reading is the ability to learn about new things without actually experiencing them yourself. We learn so much in this way that it's hard to come to grips with the amount of knowledge that we have all gained by reading. Publishing an educational book is one of the most rewarding genres to work with because you are passing on valuable new information to people. You can broaden their horizons by transferring your knowledge to them.

Many Different Ways to Write an Educational Book
Another reason that educational books are an exciting genre is that they are not constrained by any strict form, level, or topic. Educational books can be of any format – for example, historical novels, mathematical primers, and gardening guides are all members of this genre. Educational books can also be written for readers of any ability. It is a myth that educational books are only for children. Anyone can be curious and want to learn new things. For instance, in the latest season of The Sopranos Tony reads a book on dinosaurs.

Benefits of Publishing at Ithaca Press
By publishing an educational book at Ithaca Press, you receive all the benefits of working with an experienced, first-rate publisher. Our designers will make sure your book looks just right. Our editors will catch and correct typographical or grammatical errors before the book is printed. Finally, the book will be printed and bound so as to meet or exceed every industry standard. Make sure your educational book is handled with care – request a quote today.

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