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Publishing A Book About Animal Care With Ithaca Press

Animals are an important part of so many people's lives. Many people own cats or dogs but other people own more exotic animals like ferrets, pot-bellied pigs, or chinchillas. Some people favor large animals, such as horses or alpacas. Often, people have questions about how to properly care for an animal but have no sources to find the information needed. Animal enthusiasts with experience caring for animals are often the best source, other than a veterinarian, for obtaining that information. Whether the question is about the best way to care for a baby iguana or about the proper way to shear a sheep, there are people looking for the answers. A guide to caring for any animal, a household pet or farm animal, would be a useful tool for animal owners everywhere. Using experience and enthusiasm to write a book about animal care is a wonderful way to share knowledge.

Publishing With Ithaca Press
Ithaca Press understands the time and experience that goes into writing a book about animal care. Ithaca Press will utilize its years of experience in the publishing industry to make a book about animal care adhere to the highest industry standards. At every stage of the publishing process- proofreading, page layout, binding, cover design, and more- Ithaca Press will be there to make the book look like a professional book. Any illustrations and pictures that are necessary are sure to be included in the book so the ideas are explained in the best possible way. Publishing a book about animal care with Ithaca Press also means that the book will be registered with Books In Print and other outlets to effectively reach the readers who need it. Request a quote and book analysis today by clicking here.

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