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Publish an Astrology Book at Ithaca Press

Astrology has a long and storied history in many cultures around the globe. For years, people have spent countless hours studying the stars and planets, trying to interpret their alignments and arrangements in order to predict the future. The study of the heavenly bodies' apparent ability to influence human affairs is a fascinating pursuit, and many people spend a lot of time attempting to master it. If you have a lot of experience as an astrologer you should consider publishing an astrology book. You could include pictures of various alignments that would be powerful indicators of things to come, as well as tips on how best to view the stars and planets. Your book might be geared toward novices, and explain the basic skills necessary to begin making predictions, or toward experienced astrologers, in which case you would share your unique perspective on the subject. If you decide to publish an astrology book, you ought to consider working with Ithaca Press.

Publish an Astrology Book at Ithaca Press
An experienced publisher is necessary if you're going to publish a quality book. Ithaca Press has all the experience and skills needed to make sure your astrology book comes out right. We will work with some of the best designers and proofreaders in the business in order to make sure that it is given the care that it needs to be a success. We'll also help you market your book by building you an Author Customized Website that will let you advertise and sell it on-line. Take the first step toward publishing an astrology book at Ithaca Press, and request a book request and quote today!

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