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Publish an Astronomy Book

In grade school everyone learns about the planets, the enormous bodies that orbit the sun. We learn about how the sun is the center of the solar system, which is composed of nine planets and a star (eight planets as of 8/24/06). We trust this knowledge-- for the most part anyone can see the sun and how big and bright it is. People sometimes wonder, though, what about the other planets? These are the kids who become astronomy buffs. They want to be able to see Venus or Mars, and not just in a book. They want to look at these masses moving around in outer space with their own eyes. They save up to buy telescopes, not baseball cards, and get excited on clear, cloudless nights when others are already in bed. For these kids, and the adults that they eventually grow into, a good book on astronomy could be a great way for them to become better at what they love. If you're an experienced astronomer, you should consider publishing an astronomy book. You could include tips for using telescopes, and hints for knowing when the best nights for visibility are. You could share some of your knowledge with others, and increase the popularity of your pastime.

Publish an Astronomy Book at Ithaca Press
If you're ready to publish an astronomy book, you should consider working with Ithaca Press. We are a professional publishing company with a track-record of producing high quality books. Take the first step toward publishing an astronomy book with Ithaca Press, and request a book analysis and quote today!

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