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Publish a Children's Book with Ithaca Press

The history of literature contains children's books that are among the most famous books ever written. From Tom Sawyer and Pinocchio to Dr. Seuss's Grinch and Harry Potter, children's books are not always just stories for children. Children's books contain stories, characters and places that teach children and touch adults over generations.

It is no surprise that so many children's books throughout history have been held in such wide esteem. When writing a children's book, an author can create imaginative places and characters, produce fantastical illustrations and story lines unlike anything in this world. Remember Peter Pan's Neverland? Because of this, there is no limitation as to what an author can do creatively when writing a children's book.

Publish a Children's Book With Ithaca Press
If you have always wanted to publish a children's book, Ithaca Press can help you achieve that goal. Ithaca Press has an expert staff of editors, designers and marketing professionals. This staff gives the same attention to detail regardless whether the book is a book for children, a memoir or a fiction novel. At Ithaca Press, high-quality, perfectly polished books are our business.

With Author Customized Websites and marketing tools, Ithaca Press helps authors market and sell their books. At Ithaca Press, we can help you on your way to publication success. To read more about Ithaca Press or request a quote, click here.

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