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Publish A Fairy Tale Book With Ithaca Press

Fairy tales were once told to adults, sitting around a campfire, waiting for the morning to come before continuing on a journey. Today, fairy tales are told before bedtime to quiet and calm the children. Fairy tales are often stories of fantastic adventures that happen to the hero or heroine. There are stories that are considered the classic fairy tales, such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and there are new stories being told every night that will one day be considered classic. Some fairy tales have significance for a particular child or family while others relate to children all over the world. Writing fairy tales is an excellent way to communicate a special message to one's own children. Writing a book of fairy tales is also an excellent way to leave a lasting impression on generations of children. If there are stories that have been passed down in the family for generations, consider publishing the stories to share with children everywhere.

Using Ithaca Press To Publish a Fairy Tale Book

Whether it is an original story or a story that has been passed down through the family, Ithaca Press would like to help bring it to other children. By adding pictures or illustrations to the story, Ithaca Press will bring the fairy tales alive for readers. Ithaca Press has years of experience in the publishing industry so authors can rest assured that books published by Ithaca Press will be professionally done. Every step of the publishing process, from proofreading to layout to cover designing, is covered by the experts at Ithaca Press. Through outlets such as Books In Print and Amazon.com, a book of fairy tales will reach readers who want to share the stories. Get a quote today by clicking here.

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