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How To Publish a Graphic Design Book With Ithaca Press

The field of graphic designing has rapidly expanded in the past few years and it will continue to do so as technology continues to improve. Graphic design books detail the process of animation, cartoon illustration, and printmaking. Graphic design books also include discussions about the commercial aspects of graphic design such as clip art, typography, and logo design. As technology grows, the possibilities available for graphic designers will only increase as well. Graphic design means designing not only letterheads and business cards but also creating pages for books, laying out promotional materials, designing new fonts and more. Contributing knowledge, in the form of a book, is a great way to help new and experienced graphic designers stay in touch with what is current in the field of graphic design. Books also detailing the historical aspects of graphic design are sources of inspiration and development for the graphic artist.

Using Ithaca Press To Publish a Graphic Design Book
At Ithaca Press, we value the hard work and diligence that goes into writing a graphic design book. Professional book designers, layout artists, proofreaders, and editors will work hard to make your graphic design book look professional. Our marketing team will find the right market for a new graphic design book, including registering it with Books In Print and on Amazon.com. After the book is printed and bound, Ithaca Press creates a specialized website for your book so more readers who are looking for a graphic design book will be able to find it. Publishing a graphic design book with Ithaca Press will help it reach the right readers because of our familiarity with the publishing industry. Get started by requesting a quote and book analysis today.

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