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Publish Your Hobby Book

From model trains to stamp collecting to gardening, there is no doubt about it-- Americans love their hobbies. The mark of a good hobby is that it is easy to learn but difficult to master. People enjoy seeing improvement in their technique and skill level over time. One of the best ways that people achieve this is by learning from more experienced people who can teach them new things. If you've become an expert in the field of your hobby and feel that your skills could be passed on to others, you should consider publishing a book about your hobby. You could use pictures, diagrams, or any other visual aids to augment your writing in order to optimally translate your knowledge to the pages of a book. One of the most important things to consider when publishing a hobby book is choosing the right publishing company.

Publishing a Hobby Book with Ithaca Press
To publish a hobby book with Ithaca Press, all you need is the knowledge - we'll provide the publishing know-how. As a professional publisher with years of experience, we publish books of the highest quality by using some of the best designers, printers, proofreaders, and copyeditors in the business. Our books meet or exceed every industry standard. We'll also help you expose your book by building you an Author Customized Website which you can use to market and sell your book. We'll also register your hobby book on Amazon.com and Books in Print. Take the first step, and request a Book Analysis today!

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