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Publish a How To Book with Ithaca Press

The information found within a How To book is hard won. Every How To author knows it takes years, sometimes a lifetime, to learn everything there is to know about a subject. It doesn't matter if the book is about sewing, accounting, computers or home repair.

Whether the expertise is gained through professional or personal experience, How To books have great marketing potential. Given the years of learning along with the time and effort spent writing the manuscript, the last thing an author wants to do is expend even more energy trying to publish a book. This is where Ithaca Press comes in.

Ithaca Press can help How To authors publish. Though a publisher of many different subjects including fiction, memoirs, and children's literature among How To books and other genres, Ithaca Press knows how to create a professional book with great sales potential. At Ithaca Press, we are experts in the field of publishing.

Publish a How To Book with Ithaca Press
With a staff of talented editors, designers, and marketing professionals working to create a high-quality, marketable book, Ithaca Press can turn manuscripts into fine books within weeks.

Publishing a book is exciting the process should be exciting too. Ithaca Press works with authors to create the book of their dreams. For more information or to request a quote, click here.

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