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Publish a Study Guide High School Students

End of the year tests are usually some of the most stressful events in the lives of most high school students. Most classes have final exams that make up a large portion of the student's grade. In many circumstances, these are statewide or even nationwide tests that tens or hundreds of thousands of students will be taking. Those students who wish to get ahead will spend a lot of time studying beforehand in order to really understand the material. For this type of student, a study guide is a great companion book. These books usually give a clear explanation of all of the things that will be tested, and include sample questions so that the students can test their knowledge. Publishing a study guide could be a great idea for an educator that has taught for some years and really understands the class material. Familiarity with the subject is the most important quality needed, along with the ability to clearly translate your knowledge so that an unfamiliar student will be able to understand it.

Publish a Study Guide at Ithaca Press
If you're an experienced teacher and are ready to publish a study guide, you should consider working with Ithaca Press. Ithaca Press is a professional publisher with experience publishing educational books. We have earned a lot of respect in the industry for the high quality of our books. If you publish your study guide at Ithaca Press, you will guarantee that it is given the proper care and attention that it needs. Take the first step toward publishing a study guide, and request a book analysis and quote today!

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