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Publish Your Book on Manifesting at Ithaca Press

One of the newest cultural phenomena has been the emergence of manifesting, or the conscious effort to bring ideas into reality through concentration of the mind. Many people have come forward with testimonials of how effective this method can be. The means by which people perform manifesting vary-some use visualization, others try affirmation. If you've been using manifesting in your daily life and would like to share your methods or practices with others, writing a book on this exciting subject could be the perfect outlet. Through your words, you could allow others to make use of this potentially powerful idea. Publishing a book on manifesting at Ithaca Press will help you be sure that your thoughts and ideas are communicated clearly.

The Publication of Your Book on Manifesting
Publishing a book on manifesting at Ithaca Press will mean a couple of things. First, you will retain the copyright to your book. The copyright will be in your name. Secondly, the book will be of the highest quality. Our copyeditors and proofreaders are superb, and will work with your manuscript to make it the best possible. Our designers will make sure that everything about the book looks fantastic, and that the cover is eye-catching. Finally, we will help you to market your book by doing things like registering it on Amazon.com and Books in Print. We will also help you make decisions about radio interviews or book talks. Ithaca Press is a high-quality publishing company, and we take publishing very seriously. Take the first stepand request a quote today!

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