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Publishing a Book on Meditation at Ithaca Press

People use meditation for a wide variety of reasons. Some practice it in order to relax and cleanse their minds of the stresses of daily life. Others see it as a way to exercise and focus their minds. Another use is to communicate with God. Millions of people practice meditation regularly, and would be quick to affirm its merits. If you have been meditating for a long time or have a new form of meditation and wish to share your methods with the world, publishing a book on meditation is a great way to do so. Whether you use images, mantras, or a focus on breathing to achieve the meditative state, at Ithaca Press we will help you make sure that your book on meditation comes out exactly as you imagined it.

The Advantage of Publishing at Ithaca Press
Years of experience in the publishing world has taught us the importance of publishing well-made books. We produce high-quality, well-written books that can be of use to the readers. In order for your meditation techniques to translate well to a book, you will want to be sure that it is well-designed and that any included pictures or diagrams look just right. At Ithaca Press, we have professional proofreaders, copyeditors, and designers to make sure that all aspects of your book are completed at the highest level of quality. We will also help you expose your book by registering it on Amazon.com and Books in Print. Take the first step towards publishing a book on meditation, and request a quote today!

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