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Publish a Parenting Book at Ithaca Press

Being a parent is a rewarding experience for people all across the globe. The task of raising a child can often be overwhelming, however, and everyone could use at least some guidance along the way. So many factors affect how a child develops-- from their environment to their peers, diet, and education-- that a parent cannot possibly control exactly how their offspring will turn out. One of the challenges of parenthood is learning to deal with this lack of control, and still be able to positively impact the growth of the child. If you're knowledgeable about child development, you might consider publishing a parenting book. More and more people become potential readers every day, and it could have an impact on many lives. If you choose to publish a parenting book, you should make sure to choose a well-respected, high-quality publisher such as Ithaca Press.

Publish a Book on Parenting at Ithaca Press
Here at Ithaca Press, we feel a lot of pride for each one of our books. We uphold a tradition of excellence by only publishing books of the highest quality. If you publish a parenting book with Ithaca Press, we will ensure that every step is taken to make it as good a book as it can possibly be. We work with some of the best proofreaders, copyeditors and designers so that your book is properly taken care of. We'll also help you market your book by building an Author Customized Website, and registering it on Amazon.com and Books in Print. Take the first step toward publishing a book on parenting and request a Book Analysis today!

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