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Publish a Book about Paying for College

College tuition costs have reached a level where sending a student to school at a private college costs roughly the same as buying a brand new sports car each year, but without a trade-in discount. Even state schools can cost as much as $12,500 a year for in-state residents, or close to $30,000 plus for people from out of state. On top of tuition, one must factor in the cost for a room, board, travel, and books. Any way you add it up, sending a student to college is going to be an expensive ordeal. A book on financial planning for college could be a great way for both parents and children to get a head start on preparing to pay for all of this. If you have experience in financial planning, you should consider publishing a book about paying for college. You could frame it for people with small children, as a long-term guide to saving, or for those who are about to go. The book could teach readers about the various loan opportunities, as well as third-party grants such as the scholarships offered by National Merit and ROTC and many others. With costs continuing to increase, now is a great time for this type of book.

Publish a Book about Paying for College at Ithaca Press
If you decide to publish a book about paying for college, you should consider Ithaca Press. We work with authors to create high-quality books that might not otherwise get published by the larger publishing companies. We are a professional publishing company, and will take the necessary steps to make sure your book turns out great. Take the first step, and request a book analysis and quote today!

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