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Publish a Pet Book at Ithaca Press

Pets can be great social companions, service dogs, or security dogs. A dog is man's best friend, but a cat, mouse, gerbil, or fish can be fun to have around as well. Pets can become members of the family, and they sometimes need special care. Pet books can be valuable sources of knowledge, and can be useful for first-time owners who don't know exactly how to train a dog, own a cat, or properly care for a fish tank. If you know a lot about pets, publishing a pet book can be a good way to share your experience and knowledge with others. As an author, you will be able to give them the information they need to have a good experience with their pets.

Publish a Book on Pets at Ithaca Press
If you want to publish a pet book, make sure that you choose the right publisher. At Ithaca Press, we take pride in holding ourselves to extremely high standards. The result of this is that we only publish books of the highest quality. We use some of the best proofreaders in the business so that your manuscript has been meticulously checked for errors. We work to creatively market your book by doing things such as building you one of our unique Author Customized Websites. This will allow you to expose your book on-line, and give users the opportunity to purchase a copy. Take the first step towards publishing a book on pets and request a Book Analysis today!

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