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Publish A Philosophy Book With Ithaca Press

Philosophical questions such as the nature of beauty and the existence of a higher being have been asked since the earliest days of humanity. Today, such questions still remain at the forefront of philosophical thought. Socrates, Plato, Descartes, Kierkegaard and others have examined the very nature of being and encouraged people to do the same. However, as time has progressed and societies have become more complex, more questions have arisen to challenge philosophical minds, broadening the field of philosophy. In examining the nature of life and existence, philosophers have created other outlets of ideology for people to explore. To add to the ongoing discourse in philosophy by publishing a book of philosophical thought can lead future philosophers to consider other dimensions of the questions concerning life.

Publishing A Philosophy Book With Ithaca Press
Publishing a philosophy book with Ithaca Press will ensure that the book is professionally done with the gravity the book deserves. By coordinating the expert team of editors, graphic designers, and artists, a philosophy book published by Ithaca Press will be well-designed and as flawless as possible. The first-rate marketing team at Ithaca Press will help you find the best places to market a philosophy book, including building a customized website for the book, so the philosophy book can find its way to the readers who are searching for it. After printing and binding the book according to industry standards, the philosophy book will be registered with Books In Print and Amazon.com in an attempt to reach the largest reading audience. Ithaca Press takes publishing as seriously as philosophers take the questions of life. Request a book analysis and quote today.

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