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Publish a Running Book at Ithaca Press

One of the biggest societal changes of the past twenty years has been the running boom. Millions of Americans have begun to incorporate regular jogging into their daily routines. Whereas in the past this was the hobby of only the most diehard athletes, now it has become the exercise of choice for business men and women, stay at home parents, and even the elderly. Like any exercise routine, however, there are certain risks associated with it. Injury is the biggest one. Improper form or overly strenuous workouts can cause more harm than good. The problem is that most new runners don't know exactly what they should be doing. A good running book could be perfect for these types of people, explaining the basics about how they ought to be moving, what workout schedules will be best for them, and containing helpful tips about avoiding potential dangers like cars and dogs. If you're an experienced runner with a lot of knowledge about the proper techniques, you should consider publishing a running book.

Publish a Running Book at Ithaca Press
If you're ready to publish a book about running, you should take a look at Ithaca Press. We are an experienced publishing company with a great reputation. Publishing a book about running doesn't have to be complicated or painful-- Ithaca Press can guide you through the process. We'll make sure your book comes out as good as it possibly can, by doing things like working with talented proofreaders and designers to make sure the book looks great. Take the first step toward publishing a running book, and request a book analysis and quote today!

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