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Publish a SAT Study Guide

The college admissions process is getting more and more competitive, and the factors that influence it are becoming that much more important. One of the biggest components in a college's decision whether to accept a student is his or her SAT score. The test was recently changed; analogies were removed and a writing section was added. The key to doing well on the test is to have a good vocabulary, a clear writing style, and a solid comprehension of the math that is tested. One of the best ways to help students develop these attributes is by publishing a SAT study guide in one or all of the three areas. For instance, you could publish a SAT Vocabulary book that helped teach students new words that might be on the test. Alternatively, you could publish a SAT Math textbook that really explained all of the concepts that are tested. In either case, you need to choose a publisher that will work with you to make your book as good as it can possibly be.

Publish a SAT Study Guide at Ithaca Press
Ithaca Press is a professional book publisher with valuable experience in the industry. We work to publish books of the highest quality, and take a lot of personal pride in doing so. We can help you publish your SAT study guide, and will work tirelessly to ensure that it comes out right. We will also help you market it by registering it on Amazon.com and Books in Print so that students can easily find it. Take the first step and request a Book Analysis today!

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