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Publish a Book on Improving Self-Image

Lots of people suffer from negative self-images. These people don't see themselves as worthy human beings-- they believe that they're fundamentally flawed in one or more ways. Low self-esteem can cause lots of problems for people, with symptoms ranging from constant negativity to depression. Since no one is perfect and everyone has at least some problems, these people need to realize that they're no different than anyone else. A book on improving self-image could work wonders for them. If you've got experience as a motivational speaker or therapist, you should consider publishing a self-help book. You could deal with some of the common misconceptions and negative thoughts that these people have, and show them why they're not valid. A good book on improving self-image could make many people's lives worth living.

Publish a Self-Help Book at Ithaca Press
If you're ready to publish a self-help book, you should consider working with Ithaca Press. Ithaca Press is a book publisher with lots of experience in the industry. We take a lot of pride in only publishing books of the highest quality. We'll make sure that your book on improving self-image continues this tradition, by pulling out all the stops to make it great. Our proofreaders are among the best in the industry, and will make sure that your book is virtually error-free. Our designers will make sure that it looks great and has an eye-catching cover. Take the first step toward publishing a self-help book at Ithaca Press, and request a book analysis and quote today!

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