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The Robust Field of Short Stories
People like Edgar Allen Poe, Jorge Luis Borges, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became famous not as novelists but by writing short stories that captured the imaginations of millions of readers. Short stories are an incredibly rich field of literature. Authors that can efficiently build up suspenseful, engaging storylines are made to write short stories. Sometimes one doesn't need a hundred pages to tell a great tale. A short story can be just as vivid, provocative, emotional, or scary and certainly as entertaining as a novel.

Publish Your Short Stories
Publishing your own short stories doesn't have to be a laborious, stressful task. With Ithaca Press, you can focus on the writing itself without having to worry about the details of the publishing process. We will take care of the seemingly small but vital tasks such as making sure your book is printed and bound by some of the best people in the business. We will proof-read your stories, and check for typographical or grammatical errors that detract from the finished product. Finally, we will help you promote and sell your book once it has been published by doing things like building you an Author Customized Website (for instance www.YourNameHere.com), and giving you advice on setting up book talks and book signings or conducting interviews. We'll also register your book on Amazon.com and Books in Print so that potential readers can discover it easier. Our experience in the industry will make sure that you publish your short stories in the best possible manner. For more information fill out a request a quote form today.

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