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Publish a Youth Sports Book

Youth sports are getting bigger and bigger seemingly every day. Whereas the only regular options available used to be baseball and football, nowadays children can partake in everything from soccer to lacrosse to crew. These young athletes need to improve their skills through practice, but oftentimes their parents don't know the best ways to help them. A sports instruction book can be a great way to learn the drills and practice methods needed to help kids improve. If you're a coach or have experience playing these sports, you should consider publishing a sports book that could help teach parents and kids the skills needed to excel. You could do things like include diagrams illustrating the proper form to help aid the reader. A book of this type would be especially valued and appreciated by the kids that it helped.

Publish a Youth Sports Book at Ithaca Press
If you do decide to publish a sports book, you need to make sure to choose a quality publisher. Nothing could be worse than doing your part in writing a great book only to watch the publisher botch it, making it unclear and inaccessible to its audience. Ithaca Press is a professional publisher with lots of experience in the business. We can help make your sports book as good as it can possibly be. We will also help you market it to the people that it needs to reach by doing things like registering it with Amazon.com and Books in Print. We'll also build you an Author Customized Website that will allow you to sell your book on-line. Take the first step and request a Book Analysis today!

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