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Publish a Tax Guidebook at Ithaca Press

By the time April 15th comes around, people are usually not in their best moods. The task of doing taxes can be both expensive and complicated. Not only do you have to give away a large chunk of your earnings, but you have to wade through a mountain of paperwork, receipts, and pay slips in order to do so. Your other alternative is to pay someone else a medium sized chunk of your earnings to do it all for you. A guidebook that offers clear instructions on how to navigate the forms could be a godsend for millions of people. If you are a tax professional or have a lot of experience filing taxes, you might consider publishing a tax guidebook. You could offer a comprehensive explanation of the various exemptions and write-offs that exist, so that people could avoid overpaying. A guidebook like this would mean a lot less stress during the month of April for many people.

Publish a Tax Guidebook at Ithaca Press
If you decide to publish a guide to taxes, you should consider working with Ithaca Press. Ithaca Press has a lot of experience in the publishing industry as a high-quality book publisher. We take pride in publishing some of the best books on the market, and will take every care to make sure that yours receives the proper treatment that it deserves. We will also help you after publication by building you an Author Customized Website that will allow you to market and sell your book on-line. Take the first step toward publishing a tax guidebook and request a book analysis and quote today!

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