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Publish a Textbook at Ithaca Press

Textbooks often build the backbone of courses at all levels, from elementary school through college. The difference between a well-written, informative textbook and an obtuse, inaccessible one can be the difference between comprehension and confusion in a student. If you're an experienced educator, publishing a textbook is often the next logical step in your career. You've probably already accumulated most of the knowledge required to write one, and you have a pretty good idea of the most logical way to present the information. Once you've invested the time and energy required to actually research and write the textbook, you should be able to rely on your publisher to produce a well-made finished product. It is extremely important, therefore, that you choose a reputable, respected company to publish your textbook.

Publish a Textbook at Ithaca Press
Publishing a textbook at Ithaca Press will relieve you of the stress and responsibility of self-publishing while allowing you the freedom to retain the copyright and creative control of your work, which would be taken from you by a corporate publishing company. Working with Ithaca Press will also ensure that your book is a high-quality product. We strive to create the finest books on the market by working with the best designers and printers available. We will also help you distribute your textbook by building you an Author Customized Website so that schools or teachers can buy it on-line, and by registering it with Amazon.com and Books in Print. Take the first step towards publishing a textbook and request a Book Analysis today!

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