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Publishing with Ithaca Press Gives You Flexibility

Here at Ithaca Press, we realize that there are many types of writing talent. An author who is adept at writing adult fiction may not be suited to writing non-fiction for children. Although some authors are seemingly good at everything, we recognize that many people are better at some things than at others. At Ithaca Press, we don't restrict ourselves to publishing one type of book-we look for quality writing first and foremost, no matter what the genre. That makes things easier for you, the writer, because we won't push you to change your book to fit our needs. Our flexibility gives you the freedom to express your ideas in the most effective way.

Flexibility is Vital to our Success
Throughout our history, Ithaca Press has recognized that there are markets for all types of books. We have published books in a wide array of genres, from books about dinosaurs for children to guides on how to upgrade and customize your car. Experience has taught us that if a book is well-made and of high quality, there will be people who will want to read it. Publishing with Ithaca Press guarantees that your book will be of first-rate quality. We ensure this by meticulously proof-reading, copyediting, and designing the finished product to ensure that it meets or exceeds all industry standards. We will work with you to market your book so that you can reach as many potential readers as possible. Take the first step, and request a quote today.

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