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Royalty Payments

Aside from fulfilling the dream of seeing a manuscript published, another great benefit of publishing a book is receiving royalty payments.  While several different arrangements exist for receiving royalty payments, the standard result is the author gets a check in the mail each month for the royalty payment from the finished work.  Royalty payments are generally a percentage of each copy of the book that is sold.  The amounts of royalty payments are dependent on many factors, including the sales price of the book and the production cost of the book.  For established authors, royalty payments are sometimes calculated in advance and the author is given a percentage of the calculated total before the book is sent to bookstores.  For first time authors, calculating sales in advance can be difficult so the standard for issuing royalty payments is for the publishing company to periodically write checks to the author for the royalty payments.  When the author holds the copyright for the book, as long as the book is in print and selling, the author will receive royalty payments. 

Receiving Royalty Payments from Ithaca Press

With Ithaca Press, authors keep the copyrights for personal works which means that authors are eligible for royalty payments for the duration of the book’s circulation.  .  Ithaca Press uses innovative marketing techniques and a professional staff of proofreaders, editors, and designers, the books published by Ithaca Press have a greater likelihood of reaching a large reading audience and therefore generating greater royalty payments for the author.  Take the first step towards publishing a book and request a Book Analysis today!

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